A safe low dose algicide clarifier

Pool Crystals has Copper Sulphate, Sodium Stannate (Tin), Nickel Sulphate and a herbicide called Simazine. All of this amounts to a mere 300 grams which will treat the average size pool of 60,000 liters for 3 months. It is extremely low dose and thus very safe in a swimming pool and has been approved for use in all swimming pools by the Australian Government’s APVMA authority.

When dissolved into a swimming pool, a minuteelectrolytic charge is created that causes all suspended particles in the waterto sink to the pool floor ready to be extracted to waste. The ingredients safely kill the waterborne algae and move to the pool surfaces where theyalso controlthe algaeand preventits reformation. Once the sediment is extracted, water clarity is established and the algae is eradicated. Filtration and chlorine addition are thus dramatically saved which can be up to as much as 40%. The result is a crystal clear pool without all the cost.