Pool Crystals 10 Pack Bulk Box (contains 10 x 300 gram bags)



Price INCLUDESDELIVERYBYAUSTRALIAPOST RegularParcel Satchel to any destination in Australia.

One outer box containing 10 x 300 gram sealed bags of Pool Crystals dry powder inside.

The cheapest way to buy Pool Crystals by far. (Just $26.71per 300 gm bag delivered including GST)

Just 100 gms of Pool Crystals treats 20,000 liters of pool water every 3 months.How many liters in my pool? In meters: For a rectangular pool:lengthx width x average depth x 1,000 = number of liters. In meters: for a circular pool multiply diameter X diameter X by average depth. Multiply that total X 800 = Total liters.If you have a smaller pool, then you will need less than the standard 300 gms packet every 3 months. If for example you have only 20,000 liters, then you only need one third of the 300 gm packet every 3 months.

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