Pool Care

A "Pool Care With Pool Crystals" booklet comes with all orders of Pool Crystals. Download it right now by clicking the link below (PDF format - 1.4mb)

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Establishing the correct total alkalinity, pH and chlorine levels of your pool water before using Pool Crystals is very important for Pool Crystals to work effectively.

Different pool surfaces need different total alkalinity and pH levels. What suits a pebbletex pool surface is not necessarily right for a fibreglass pool. The pH balance must be right for your pool.

A pH level of 7.0 is neutral. When using Pool Crystals, some pool surfaces require a more alkaline environment – a higher pH; and some prefer a more acidic level of water – a lower pH.


It’s the surface that is in contact with the water that counts. If you have a painted pool, it doesn’t matter what surface is under the paint – be it concrete or plastic, it’s the painted surface that comes into contact with the water and so decides what pH is ideal for the pool.

Before using Pool Crystals, test and establish the chlorine level to at least 1.5 ppm (or 2.0 ppm if the water is above 26°C).

a man swimming in a clean swimming pool

Don't worry, all these details are simply explained in the Pool Crystals booklet. You'll be enjoying all the Pool Crystals benefits in no time.