Reduce swimming pool maintenance cost

Swimming pools can vary a lot. This will affect how much they cost to run. Some pools have very high usage and/or are located in very hot climates. Some pools accumulate debris – leaves on a pool floor can really consume chlorine if they are not regularly vacuumed away.


Many pools have different filter/pump/chlorination configurations. Some pumps are more powerful consuming more energy but have greater throughput for better water circulation. Some filters are sand, some are diatomaceous earth, some have filter cartridges. Chlorination can be external chlorine you buy from a shop (at varying prices and quality) or it can be mechanical via a salt chlorination system.


If your swimming pool is in a remote location, pool chemical purchase costs might be higher as well as for power. For those that test their pool water regularly and maintain total alkalinity, pH and chlorine levels as required, the pool is less likely to go out of kilter and chemicals will be saved if Pool Crystals is used.

The variations in pool configurations and circumstances are thus many, so use the table as a guide only.


Generally the hotter the climate and the more use the pool has, this will increase the cost of running the pool. In these conditions Pool Crystals can particularly help reduce cost and maintenance effort.


In addition to the cost benefits you also get crystal clear water, no algae and fresher water to swim in.

photography of a swimmer holding a piggy bank
Reduce swimming pool maintenance cost