clarifier and conditioner

Pool Crystals is a dry powder algicide, clarifier and conditioner for swimming pools

• It safely kills and controls all algae – even difficult black spot 
• It creates a crystal clear, sparkling pool that stays that way for at least 3   months
• Saves money, time and filter running costs 
• Maintains correct free chlorine level with less chlorine top-ups 
• Built-in UV barrier retards loss of chlorine due to sunlight 
• Assists to maintain total alkalinity and pH balance – minimises those high/low swings 
• Clarifies murky water – flocs suspended particles to the pool floor for easy vacuum removal
• Conditions to minimise hard water damage, protecting pool equipment and components 
• Just one 300 gm pack treats an average pool of 50,000 to 70,000 litres – lasts up to 3 months. The dosage is a mere 100gms of Pool Crystals for 20,000 liters of pool water for 3 months – the application is minute.
• Pool water becomes “fresher” – less chlorine odor and irritation to eyes, nose, throat and skin 
• Suitable for all types of pool surfaces – both in-ground and above-ground 
• Compatible with all commonly used bactericidal methods (chlorine, salt/chlorine, bromine etc) 
• Registered with the Australian Government for use in all swimming pools

a child enjoying swimming in the algae-free pool
Swimming Pool Crystals
A unique, scientifically formulated, all in one, dry powder combination. Tried and proven for more than 20 years! Low dose Pool Crystals is safe, effective, long lasting, and is easy to use. Keep your pool in peak condition without being a slave to it!