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Pool Crystals do it yourself pool clean for less cost and water clear

Keep your swimming pool algae free and sparkling clear for 40% less time and cost.  Make it fresher to swim in and keep it beautifully clear.   

Take control and do it yourself with Australian Pool Crystals – its easy!

How much do you spend maintaining your pool? Happy with the results?

Why spend more cost and effort than you have to on chlorine and more chlorine, more acid and soda ash, more filter/salt chlorinator running time? The list can go on and on and so too can the expenses particularly in warmer climates.

Fight back and save money and improve your swimming environment for healthier swimming with less chlorine addition, odour and irritation and for a pool that’s shimmering clear.

All you do is dissolve the Pool Crystals dry powder in the water. Then you vacuum up the sediment it throws on the pool floor. All the algae will go and your water will be crystal clear. For 3 months it will stay that way, with fewer chemicals to maintain the proper chlorine level and pH and you’ll filter for less time too.

family enjoying time in the swimming pool
Frangipani Pool
Don't be a slave to your pool - spend less cost and more time enjoying it. Pool Crystals - because swimming pools should be fun, not difficult and costly to run!

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